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We are a full service IT company assisting small and medium businesses with all dimensions of technology. Select from the tabs about to review the products and services that we offer.

Use your money, don't spend it...
Survive the economic downturn
Do you use technology to gain an edge on your competition?
Are you taking advantage of free, open source software?
Are your computers producing the results you expect?

Let TDI guide you through the overwhelming world of options in the computer industry so that you can maximize your money, time and existing resources.

About TDI - Technology Dimensions, Inc.

Are you working for your computers or, are your computers working for you?

Let TDI guide you through the overwhelming world of options in the computer industry so that you can maximize your investment, time and existing resources.

Incorporated in 1999, TDI provides IT services throughout the Orange County, California area. TDI's consultants can show you how to make the most of your current and future IT investments by properly aligning them with where you want to take your business while helping to reduce the cost and complexity of getting there.

Our niche is to be an IT provider that complements companies that are on their way to having a full-time IT department. In fact, we are willing to assist you with the acquisition of staff as you grow. For those with a full-time IT staff, we provide speciality assistance, vacation coverage and such services to assist with overload situations.

We do everything from wiring (or wireless), to building machines and servers, to installing and setting up applications, accounting, custom programming, email, Internet, security, annual budget preparation and more.

Our goal is to develop a long lasting relationship with all of our clients. We create a plan to maintain their existing network, add space, increase security, increase performance, add redundancy and keep our clients informed of new options. We help with adding new computers, creating how-to documents, setting up users to work remotely (from home or a satellite office) with a bent toward the development of a consistent, integrated business growth solution.

Let us join with you to define the structure, the budget and the schedule to achieve a solution that fits considering this economy.
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